Carrisa P

“Amazing… all my guilty pleasures come to life…  Had the calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and stuffed jalepenos. The chorizo in the jalenpenos sounded like too much meat wrapped in bacon, but the heat of the jalepeno gave the chorizo great flavor and the crispy bacon wrapped around the outside made it even more savory. The cream cheese wasn’t overwhelming like jalapeno poppers tend to be, and while the aioli for the calamari was mostly mayonnaise flavored and needed more citrus, they served it with limon so we could cover the crispy squids which were not over-breaded and had great texture. The mushrooms were by far my favorite and while greasy, whatever they stuffed them with was delicious. Beer selection was good, even better you could get a 60 ounce beer for 10.99! Had the fried tortilla with apples and ice cream for desert, and while the apples were a little bitter for whatever reason, the tortilla and ice cream with cinnamon and sugar were worth the 3.99.

The atmosphere was great, staff was super friendly. Families and young couples were the crowd, but everyone was laughing with one another and I’m looking forward to checking out a football game or two in their back sports bar area that they apparently rent out for parties. Definitely will be going back with hungry and thirsty friends for a good time. Next up, the 2AM burger with a sausage patty, burger, cheese, eggs, and cheese…”