XL Grindhouse Menu

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Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts
Breaded and seasoned to perfection $5.99

Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed w/Italian sausage, smoked bacon, bread crumbs, and mozzarella cheese $6.99

Spicy Spinach and Artichoke Dip

A Creamy dip baked with artichoke hearts, spinach, garlic and red pepper served with yellow corn chips $6.99

Cream Cheese Bread

Slices of Fresh French baguette stuffed with cream cheese, pimento, country ham, green onions, and olives $5.99

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeno’s
Order of four jumbo jalapenos (2) stuffed with cream cheese and (2) stuffed with fresh chorizo and Monterey Jack cheese wrapped in bacon and grilled $6.99

XL Onion Rings
Giant order of our famous onion rings $5.99

Stuffed Mozzarella Sticks

Order of (4) XL sticks of mozzarella filled with shredded beef $6.99

XL Potato Skins

Choice of toppings $5.99

Sausage Sampler

(3) of our signature sausages grilled and served with our house whole grain mustard sauce $8.99

Deep Fried Calamari

Lightly floured Monterey Bay Calamari $8.99

Deep Fried Ravioli
Breaded and fried beef ravioli served with marinara dipping sauce $5.99

California Elote

Whole ear of corn prepared with cotija cheese, chile, and lime $3.99

XL Garlic Cheezy Toast
Giant Cheddar parmesan Texas size toast $3.99

A. Any 3 Choices Above $13.99
B. Any 5 Choices Above $16.99
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BURGERS: Add on a cup of soup or side salad to any burger for $1.99! * Served with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, mustard, mayo, and ketchup.
Choice of fresh ground beef, pork, chicken, or vegetarian patty
XL Burger *
The base for all of our burgers.Served with choice of cheese.  $6.99 How many X’s can you handle? add $1.99 for each additional patty ASK ABOUT THE XL BURGER CHALLENGE!!!$.99 to add avocado or bacon! Sub Onion Rings for $1.99 or uprade to Carne Asada fries for $3.99

2AM Burger

Fresh ground beef patty, breakfast sausage patty, (3) pieces of bacon, cheddar cheese, Monterey jack cheese, and a fried egg all on our signature bun. $10.99

Juicy Lucy*

American cheese sandwiched between (2) XL patties served between two grilled cheese sandwiches! $10.99

XL Pastrami Burger*
Grilled and topped with swiss cheese and thin slices of pastrami. $10.99

XL M.A.C. Burger*
Topped with Muenster cheese, avocado, and fresh roasted chilies. $8.99

Ravioli Burger
XL burger topped with smoked provolone, marinara sauce, and deep fried raviolis!  $10.99

Rodeo Burger

XL burger topped with smoked Gouda cheese, our giant onion rings, bacon, and BBQ  Sauce. $8.99
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Sauteed veggies in a spicy tomato sauce over penne. $9.99

Bone in loin chop stuffed and served with choice of potato and vegetable. $13.99

CARNE ASADA FRIES$8.99 Served with Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, red and green salsa.


Ask your server for details $12.99

Ask your server for details $14.99 additional tortillas $.99
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Chicken Parm
Tender chicken breast breaded with herbs, spices, and parmesan cheese fried and smothered with parmesan, provolone, and marinara sauce. Sub zucchini by request.  $9.99

Italian Beef

Tender roast beef braised in Italian herbs and spices and served on a baguette and topped with our jardinière. $9.99

Served on marbled rye bread with spicy mustard.  $10.99

Chipotle Chicken

Chicken patty topped with linguica, sautéed onions, Jack cheese, and our smoky chipotle sauce. $8.99

California Chicken Dip

Grilled chicken, jack cheese, sweet onions, served on a sweet roll and a green chili and tomatillo au ju. $8.99
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Have it wet for only $1.50. All grilled on flat iron unless otherwise specified.

XL Burrito
Choice of Meat and all the fillings. $5.99

California Burrito

Filled with Carne Asada, cheese, avocado, pico de gallo, and French fries! $6.99
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Side of Fries $2.99
Side Salad $2.99
Bowl of Soup $3.99,
Extra Cheese, Avocado, Bacon,
Fried Egg, or Tortillas add $.99
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Gorgonzola Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach tossed with creamy gorgonzola cheese, croutons,  and a red wine vinaigrette. $8.99

Chicken Cesar Salad
Salinas Valley romaine tossed with parmesean cheese and cesar dressing topped with grilled chicken. $9.99

Southwest Chicken Salad
Tender greens, grilled chicken, roasted chili’s, green onions, beans, avocado,  tossed in a sweet and smoky citrus chili dressing, and served in an XL Tortilla Bowl.
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XL Hash
Your choice of meat, potatoes, peppers, and onions sizzling on a skillet with eggs any style.  $8.99

XL Breakfast Sandwich
English muffin XL style with egg, bacon, sausage, and cheese w/ home or French fries.  $7.99

Breakfast Burrito

3 eggs, potatoes, cheese and choice of breakfast sausage or bacon.  $5.99
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Fountain Drinks – $1.99
Coke, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Root Beer,
Iced Tea ( Raspberry, Green, Regular), Lemonade
Coffee & Hot Tea – $1.99

Bottle Beer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            $3.99-$18.99
Draft Beer
XL $4.99-5.99
XXL $6.99-7.99
XXXL $10.99-12.99

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XL Ice Cream Sandwich  $5.99

Cinnamon Apple Bowl a la mode  $5.99

Deep Fried Candy Bars or Oreo

Cookies  $3.99